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Snailveilance by Riser

Concept and Design by Riser
Sculpted by Riser
Casted by Riser
Painted by Riser
Released November 2016

This futuristic vision of tech and nature through creepy slow moving surveillance that watch your every move, Comes from the Hollywood prop maker known as Riser. Riser has stepped from being behind the movie magic in some of your favorite blockbusters, To give us a look at his version of a resin art figure. Snailveilance comes in 3 colors with a very limited 12 pieces of each. He is 4 3/4” tall and ready to spy on you for the powers that be.

Blue Edition limited to 12 pieces

White Edition limited to 12 pieces

Green Edition limited to 12 pieces

Please allow 7 - 10 days for shipping

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